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Swiss Dog Owners now Subject to Schooling

ATTENTION: Natives and Expatriates Owning Pets in any Swiss Canton -- Sharpen your Pencils

In an effort to protect the rights of pet dogs in Geneva and other Swiss cantons, the Swiss Federal Council has put forth provisions, intended for both Swiss citizens and those planning extended international Swiss travel with pets.

Effective September 1, 2008, this new training requirement for all Swiss dog owners should not be confused with prior training requirements for owners of particular dangerous breeds. No dog (or owner) is exempt from this decree.

Dogs aren’t the only focus of the new Swiss edict. All pet owners are game. Livestock, and even guinea pig, owners are also required to inform themselves on proper species-specific care and provisions. For example, guinea pigs will no longer be permitted to live solitary lives…roommates will be required, to fulfill their inherent need for social contact. You can find complete information and regulations at the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office’s website.

Questions about the New Regulations?

Whether you’re a life-long Geneva native or a newcomer to Switzerland, pet ownership education is not an option – it’s a requirement. Visit the government site link above, and if you have any additional questions you can Contact Us.

p.s. Don’t wait to contact Dr. Omaboe, the veterinary doctor at Cabinet Vétérinaire International. His veterinary staff can answer your questions about the newest, and oldest, Swiss Federal Council regulations…to help you to stay in tune with your pet’s needs…and in compliance with the law.

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